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Novatek Surface Prep

Concrete Surface Preparation in Metro Detroit Michigan - novatek-needle-guns

Needle Guns

Model Needle Qty. Weight Length (mm) B.P.M. Air Consumption
1B Needle Scaler 12 x 3mm 3.6lbs 13.5” (343) 3800 3cfm
1B Chisel Scaler N/A 3.5lbs 12.3" (313) 3800 3cfm
2B Needle Scaler 19 x 3mm 5.8lbs 14.8" (375) 3000 5.5cfm
2B Chisel Scaler N/A 4.4lbs 13.5" (343) 3000 5.5cfm
2B/PG Needle Scaler 19 x 3mm 5.7lbs 12.4" (315) 3000 5.5cfm
2B/PG Chisel Scaler N/A 4.6lbs 10.2" (260) 3000 5.5cfm
3B Needle Scaler 28 x 3mm 9.9lbs 18.3" 2200 8cfm
3B Chisel Scaler N/A 7.5lbs 16.8" 2200 8cfm
3B/PG Needle Scaler 28 x 3mm 8.3lbs 13.5" 2200 8.5cfm
3B/PG Chisel Scaler N/A 5.8lbs 13.3" 2200 5.5cfm
4B Needle Scaler 35 x 4mm 13.0lbs 19.0" 2200 8.5cfm
4B Chisel Scaler N/A 8.8lbs 17.3" 2200 8.5cfm (240)

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