We Have a Wide Range of Blasting Abrasives in Stock

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At W.H. Duffill, we understand that abrasive media isn’t one size fits all.

All of our blasting abrasives are available in various grit sizes, so you can be sure you’re getting what you need for your project. We offer blasting abrasives from the most popular brands. Regardless of how much you need, we can special order any amount of blasting media required for your project.

Check out the detailed descriptions below to learn more about our abrasive media options.

Blasting Abrasives

Blasting Abrasive Store - Southeast Michigan - walnut-shell-gritWalnut Shell

Typically used to polish and clean soft metals, as well as fiberglass, wood, and stone. Walnut shell is a non-toxic abrasive that is also biodegradable. From cleaning delicate molds and electrical parts to stripping auto and truck panels, walnut grit will not etch or pit metal surfaces.

Blasting Abrasive Store - Southeast Michigan - crushed-glassCrushed Glass

Used dry as a blasting media or combined with water for slurry blasting, crushed glass is a substitute media for silica sand. From rust and mill scale removal to delicate restoration work and graffiti removal, crushed glass is a general-purpose abrasive that is perfect for a variety of applications.

Blasting Abrasive Store - Southeast Michigan - copper-slagCopper Slag

Copper slag is an aggressive abrasive with a high cleaning speed that's used in new steel and steel maintenance applications. It's commonly used to restore steel bridges, ships, and water towers that are heavily painted.

Blasting Abrasive Store - Southeast Michigan - glass-beadGlass Bead

Glass bead abrasives can clean metal parts without etching the surface. Typically used for automotive restoration, polishing of castings, and light deburring. Glass bead can be used in a wide variety of abrasive blasting jobs to clean metal parts gently.

Blasting Abrasive Store - Southeast Michigan - garnitGarnet

Increase productivity while reducing abrasive consumption with garnet abrasives. Used on stainless steel, aluminum, and other substrates, garnet abrasives produce a clean substrate with a smooth surface that's virtually free of embedded particles and rough spots.

Blasting Abrasive Store - Southeast Michigan - corn-cobCorn Cob

Clean and polish without damaging surfaces with corn cob grit. From cleaning industrial equipment and stainless steel food processing equipment to refinishing log homes and cedar siding; corn cob grit is a biodegradable and non-toxic abrasive with lower dust levels.

Blasting Abrasive Store - Southeast Michigan - steel-gritSteel

Steel grit is typically used to remove thick coatings, heavy rust, mill scale, and more. Commonly used in abrasive blasting rooms, this media is often used for manufacturing and maintaining bridges, wind towers, ships, and railcars.

Blasting Abrasive Store - Southeast Michigan - steel-shotSteel Shot

With the purpose to remove mill scale and molding sand, the round shape of steel shot is used to clean by hammering a surface. This abrasive is commonly used for steel plate blasting, ship manufacturing and maintenance, cleaning castings, and more.

Blasting Abrasive Store - Southeast Michigan - sodium-bicarbonateSodium Bicarbonate

For a non-destructive blasting abrasive, sodium bicarbonate can be used wet or dry to remove surface contaminants and coatings, such as paint and grease. Soft, but effective, sodium bicarbonate has been used for industrial cleaning and cleaning food industry machinery.

Blasting Abrasive Store - Southeast Michigan - aluminum-oxideAluminum Oxide

Used primarily for blasting non-ferrous surfaces, aluminum oxide is an extremely aggressive, hard abrasive that provides consistent coverage and surface finish. Its typical use is for internal pipe blasting, stainless steel fabrication, turbine blasting, and more.

Blasting Abrasive Store - Southeast Michigan - starblastStarblast

Typically used for steel fabrication and bridge maintenance to remove rust and weathered coatings, Starblast is a general-purpose staurolite abrasive. The increased hardness and fine grain size make Starblast a choice abrasive for cleaning equipment used in hydraulic applications.


The W.H. Duffill Difference

Choosing blasting abrasives for a project can be difficult, which is why our team is here to help. With our knowledge and experience, we can quickly help you decide which abrasive media is perfect for your specific application. Since 1965, we have built a solid reputation for providing high-quality products and reliable services for companies across SE Michigan. For more information, call our team today at 248-542-3808.